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2012. 18 housing in fuenlabrada. madrid

Carmen Espegel y Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Laia Lafuente, Marcela Aragüez, Su Peng, Daniel Merro, Syra Abella, Mercedes Carretero, Miriam Llamazares, David Bravo, Federico Colella, Giorgio Streuli, Miguel Coloma, Giovanni Stalloni, Ana Espegel

PHOTOGRAPHER: Angel Baltanás

A private developer on the outskirts of Madrid, an expanded typical residential area of the golden years and a retrofit project to withstand the crisis, are the seeds for this work.

The new condition requires a fierce draft dehydration of the first proposal whose most representative architectural space, the core communications materialized by a single vertical space that stretches across the floor, organized the staircas, plateaus, common courtyard terraces, balconies and bridges connection between dwellings. After the adjustment, this space was reduced without losing their fundamental status as a backbone and visual and social relationships connector. The space, which invades the whole building with color and light, through a visual diagonals leading to community courtyard terraces where you can see the sky and the garden, is achieved through the non-sectoring of the stairs.

The serious, measured, rigorous and economical elevation configured by the unique group of dwellings, draw a slice, a slip strips ribbon windows and a single opening in the NE and SW elevations.

The dominant material is face-brick, two colors that draw the diagonal typological grouping. A third brick, black, configures the basement dwellings that open to the garden. The dark metal carpentry and blinds and the setback of the dark brick column, emphasize the horizontal stripes.

The access porch from the street, atrium of the building, garden umbracle becomes a veranda to the pool. In the limited space of the sunny setback generously offered by the legislation stands an efficient pool, narrow and long with sporty character.