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2011. energy comission national headquarters, barquillo 13, madrid


Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Laia Lafuente, Marcela Aragüez, Daniel Movilla, Su Peng, Miriam Llamazares, Miguel Coloma.


The project considers the protection of a great historical character building although proposed using a contemporary image that express its new use as a representative building for the National Energy Center.

The roof becomes the symbol identity of the new use; the new enclosure incorporates photovoltaic panels of thin wall that increase the sustainability of an old building structure, improving the ending of the building and its ability to adapt to new technologies with significant energy improvement. The top floor will house the noble hall for receptions and large meetings, so that users contemplate the center of Madrid from above with a new constructive, functional and energetic perspective and also enjoy the terrace.

The Library, located at street level, recovers ancient library spaces with hanging  mezzanine that contains a light shelving system that multiply the surface file. Under the mezzanine, as a glass roof, is the reading room and consultation between the bare walls inside.

The courtyard, keeping form and structure, is removed as air shaft to become the central space of the head offices. Waves of the roof close the courtyard and light by means of vertical skylights slats built among photovoltaic panels and zinc.