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2013. remodeling tiburtino III neighborhood. rome. in progress


Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac + Giorgio y Claudia Streuli

TEAM MEMBERSLaia Lafuente, Marcela Aragüez, Clara Sanmillán, Ana Blázquez, Miriam Llamazares, Miguel Coloma, Giovanni Stalloni.

EXTERNAL ASSITANTS: Roberta Gentile, Paola Guidugli, Future Systems

The project proposed for the redesign of Tiburtino III, has been guided by the will to change the current situation, intervening on the rigidity of the assembly in order to create an open and natural system which allows different uses and perceptions, in the contemporary sense of the term, both in the new public buildings and in the existing buildings. The proposed configuration in the design of public space is a system that, based on the green spaces of the three internal courtyards, coordinates the four component parts: green areas, traffic and parking, pedestrian routes and new public services, building a new public image.

Actions on public space

Design a new continuous green system along the west front. -Opening public space, external and internal, to the neighborhood, throughout a transversal connection. -Strategic construction of new civic buildings at the neighborhood scale. -Redesign of the ground floor level for the enjoying of the residents. -Reconfiguration of the traffic and parking system layout to avoid the existing barrier effect.

Actions on architectonic quality of the existing

Design of new housing on the ground floor and the top floor that reflects a more contemporary way of living. -Intervention on the façades of the existing buildings in order to improve their energetic efficiency and modernize their image.