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Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac and Beth Galí

Team members: Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella Bule, Federico Colella, Giorgio Streuli, Daniel Merro, David Bravo Salva, Ana Espegel, Teresa Serrano, María Antón, Guillermo Matamala, Jaume Benavent, Andrea Tous, Andrés Rodríguez, Sonia Bom.


It is proposed, as an strategy, to approach the river with a new cross-sectional look, formulating guidelines of behavioral characteristics. The idea is recognize types of sections with common problems and describe a wide typology of adaptive solutions. Project what form of city and river approach is intended in each section with variations as far as the city with the river front park or a linear separation between them.

The river is improved in the following aspects:

Environmental quality of the river environment.

Mobility and accessibility along the banks of the Tagus.

Social use of river banks.

Communication pathways along the river axis.

Historical Heritage associated with the river and its integration in the city.

Integration of the Tagus River and the city of Toledo.