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2012. park and auditorium in l


Carmen Espegel , Concha Fisac

Team members: Miguel Coloma, Giovanni Stalloni, Federica Grignolo, Lucía Azurmendi, Alejandro Jiménez

Competition Date: 2012; Client: Comune di L'Aquila; Area: 108.000 m2; Budget: 13,444,600 €

The city fades into the outer edge, remains exhausted, lost and weak against the external rigor of the messy, the natural, the chaos; but wherever their pride resists entropy dissipates, and geometry arises, clear, rigid, pure: nature subdued, conquered, the park appears. Geometry, a meta structuring powerful vehicle, able to impose a mode of action, regardless of possible uses, establish a hierarchy and an order on the elements of the urban structure is proposed. The circulations are established as a priority and symbolic element and substantiate the pergola that traverses, crosses and means through the park. As a backbone, the pergola winds through the park and connects emerging uses tangent to its path. It is a three-dimensional structure, made of galvanized steel that runs the territory qualifying places and itineraries, indoors, outdoors and coveres.

A PARK able to generate city, manage and provide public space as a propellant and structuring center of all public activities. A PARK, whose strategic position makes it possible to create a landmark in the city. A suitable PARK to rank the proposed uses, and competent to respond to the future, that will make up a new public image. A 21st century PARK, sustainable, both in the design and management of infrastructure and services.