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2013-2003. remodeling office building c/serrano 90

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Miguel Coloma, Giovanni Stalloni, Ana Amo, Cristina Hernández, Lucila Urda, Daniel Merro, Isabel Camacho, Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Jerome Gottardi

EXTERNAL ASSISTANTS: Luis Díaz Alabart APLEN S.L. (Ing. Estructurista).

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Baltanás

The project consists in the readjustment of the office building located in Serrano nº 90, in the District of Salamanca, Madrid. The rehabilitation emphasizes the contemporary image of an open office.

The project proposes the use of glass as a fundamental material in coatings to exploit its lighting effects, transparency and reflection. Double glazed and painted glass, some of them opalescent, treated to the acid or screen-printed are combined with fine materials such as stainless steel or wood. The image multiplies and the space expands. Office plants become bright and diaphanous with carpeted floors and wooden ceilings, only interrupted by glass pillars.