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2016. access square and building to prosol factory. venta de baños

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Ana Espegel, Ana Amo, Luana Iuliani, Loreto Jiménez

EXTERNAL ASSISTANTS: Juan Rey-Mecanismo (Structural Engineer), Enrique Medina (Technical Architect)

A new square and hosting building to complex PROSOL Factory (Instant Products) is projected. This volume is fitted between the capsule’s shed and facilities building. It consists of two floors spatially connected by a double height linked to a spiral staircase large formal design. The facade is meant with some iridescent glass that reflect different colors depending on the solar incidence.

The open floor houses some closed uses at its northern end in order to incorporate a meeting room on the ground floor or a kitchen where prepare a catering in any event on the first floor.

The emergency stairs is deviated on the roof of the building and is placed in the side of the capsule volume.