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2017. civic center. gumpoldskirchen (austria)

FIRST PRIZE International Competition
Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac, Fernando Casqueiro and Raimundo Alberich
TEAM MEMBERS: Maike Hübner, Ana Amo, Pedro Torres, Eva Niño, María Eugenia Diego, Ilaria Pittana, Loreto Jiménez
The new Gumpoldskirschen Civic Center, which in its final state will have about 3,500 sqm built, will be located on a flat horizontal plot of approximately 7,500 sqm. It will be built in three phases. In this first phase, the 2,500 sqm destined to Municipal Offices and Civic Center as well as the entire public space must be defined. In the 2nd the approximately 1,200 sqm of Health Center and Pharmacy and in the 3rd the 300 sqm of the Social Center.
To free up land as much as possible to use for public space. Concentrate all the construction of the 1st phase in a single compact building (main building) to improve its form factor and its energy efficiency. This main building will be located near the north corner of the plot so that it does not throw shadows on the public space and near the street Shellmanngasse to form, together with it, a square of access to the complex, with urban character. To attenuate the visual presence of the cemetery by providing some kind of vegetal or visual barrier. Balance the external volumetric sobriety with the project of a transparent interior in which it is easy to locate and relate all the planned activities. Provide empty spaces or internal courtyards that, in addition to visually relate the different areas of the main building, fulfill tasks of climate control (energy collection, ventilation, etc). Optimize the "solar orientation" feature by opening large openings to the south and west, as well as providing large skylights on the deck.