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2016. housing in landshut. germany

Mention International Competition

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Architects: Maria Eugenia Diego, Andrea Gimeno, Felipe Reyno, Maike Hübner, Adelaida Marquenie

The project has been conceived from three complementary aspects: obtaining a good collective space, the adaptation of the project - with its high density - to the urban environment and the design of compact houses with the privilege of always having two facades.

1. Urban concept: Urban integration with the immediate environment through a hybrid morphology that combines the linear block with isolated pentagonal units, as large houses, with low morphological impact due to its multiple edges and facets. With all this, there is a gradation between the city built with blocks and the isolated single family dwellings that characterizes this urban area.

2. Concept of open spaces with external accesses: A friendly collective space is projected so the residential volumes are born around a square that works as an antechamber and connection with the wooded walk of the riverbank, looking, at all times, for a high quality landscape. The layout of four new residential units and the intervention on the existing building creates a new center of the neighborhood, with its playground areas, rest areas or bicycle parking.

3. Architectural and spatial design: A total of 102 quality homes are proposed as they all contain two facades, which leads to excellent ventilation, lighting and sun exposure, and an outdoor terrace. The typology used in the new residential units is very versatile, maintaining a band of wet zones next to the partition wall that separates from the vertical communications core, and placing rooms and bedrooms in the two facades that each house contains respectively.