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2007. 24 dwellings in campus fuenlabrada II, madrid

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Lucila Urda, Cristina Hernández, Isabel Camacho, Laia Lafuente, Daniel Merro, Syra Abella, Jérôme Gottardi, Marta Paneque

EXTERNAL ASSITANTS: Luis Díaz Alabart (Structural Engineer), Nieves Plaza (Facilities), Manuel Antolín (Telecommunication Engineer), Pérez Escolar Ing. (Activity Project), Enrique Medina, Ramón Sánchez Hombre (Technical Architects)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Lilcinia Alberti

The optimization of values that improve life, and formal, rational and hygienic conditions are the main parameters for obtaining the best architecture.

The residential Campus Fuenlabrada II is located in the periphery of Fuenlabrada, near the Hospital, the University and the Metro, in an area that still maintains a relationship with the countryside, and where the planning defines a closed block ordination.

The block is redefined so as to enable the direct passage from the inside block courtyard.

The meager budget condition lead us to choose, as the more economical solution, the use of a single hole in the facade for all applications; then it will be tinged with translucent glass, glazed band, blinds or bars. A line marks the slabs along the facades continuously, with a neutral and abstract result.

From the top floor houses you ascend through a light stairs to the terraces that colonize the cover.

Finally, the small garden integrates perfectly with the remaining three adjacent gardens forming the community block courtyard.