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2014. restricted international competition public space altensteig - germany

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac, Architects

EXTERNAL ASSISTANTS: PROAP: João Nunes and Carlos Ribas, Landscape

TEAM MEMBERS: Architects: Ana Amo, Jaime Diz, Maike Hübner, Luana Iuliani. Architecture Students: Loreto Jimenez, Estefanía de Pinho. Landscaping: Ana Margarida Henriques, Helena Palma, Manuel Ferreira, Marta Palha, Miguel Domingues.


Believing that only business and car access will provide urban identity is wrong. It is true that the present life is linked to commercial structures, but convert the historic center in a vulgar commercial area, or a solemn cultural district, is underestimated the city.

The city born from the encounter of uses, miscellaneous culture and commerce, entertainment and education, city and park.

The river should be a decisive factor in the generation and Altensteig city, sewing the two sides.

To facilitate the connection between uptown and downtown a series of lifts to ensure universal accessibility are proposed.

We separate crossed traffic from internal traffic: divert the existing first and second ring unless the Poststrasse speed, which will become one-way between Sternenbrücke and Postplatz, which form a ring with Schlossbergstrasse. Most distributed more parking closer to the center capabilities are created. The car disappears from the surface plazas in small semi-underground parking spaces integrated to allow the use of their deck as public space.