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2001. pajares-bausá house. guadarrama

2003. College of Architects (COAM) Award2003

2005. Quality, Architecture and Housing, City of Madrid Awards 2005

Carmen Espegel

TEAM MEMBERS: Antonio Miranda, Concha Fisac, Cristina Hernández, Ginés Garrido, Mónica Miranda, Jose Manuel Mateo, Esteban Crespo, Ana Pajares, Jose María Huete

EXTERNAL ASSITANTS: Miguel Avila (Structure), Vicente Olmedilla

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Angel Baltanás, Víctor Olmos

The main project idea is to search for the absolute suppression of finishing material, both inside and outside the house. Finishing, in a broad sense, denounces a type of construction that wants to be hidden, either by its extreme poverty or its vivid indignity. The integration of building materials supplying the structural work and, simultaneously, the capacity of manifesting themselves as finishing materials, denotes the contemporary terms we were interested in, underlining the constructive discourse of assembly and industrialization.

The volume of the house consists on a parallelepiped which has extracted a part, the courtyard, which is configured using the structure that will be used in the future to hang a swing or as a terrace, cover with awnings. The Patio with a fountain and a small pomegranate tree is treated as a space of transition, such as the window overturned to the raw garden that has maintained the strong natural presences the plot had in origin such as ashes and granite rocks. The openings show a duality of materials expressing a double construction system, whether they are fixed or casement.