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2007. competition transport and public works park. málaga


Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac, Manuel de las Casas

TEAM MEMBERS: Cristina Hernández, Daniel Merro, Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Federico Colella, Juan McNicholl, Marta Paneque

The proposed building, consisting of three pavilions that form a large interior space, reminds the old main square. The position of the old building, on the corner where the two highways intersect, highlights the suitability of the place to propose a closed building that works as a retaining wall of noise and protects and configures an open space or plaza. With the same intention of reuse the oniric pre-existences, the project manipulates the historical paths re-designing the forest in the open areas with new rituals, intervening to regenerate the necessary.

The project  focuses on four operations:

1. Halt - Visitor Reception Centre in order to promote the access by train.

2. Museum - Interpretation Center consists of three thematic pavilions around a large plaza, meeting place for gathering.

3. Viewer- Research Center, on the track of an ancient pool, watching the sea.

4. Recovery Deltic Guadalorce estuary, creating a small lake that will be used as a regulation water deposit in tertiary state generated by the sewage treatment plant.