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2004. 23 rehousing dwellings. embajadores 52. madrid

2000. FIRST PRIZE competition EMV_”Doble o Nada”; 2003. Mention in Ideas Competiton. Future of the social; 2005. FAD Architecture and interior design Award 2005; 2005. Mention XIX Urbanism, Architecture and Civil Construction Awards 2004; 2005. College of Architects (COAM) Award 2005; 2006. Honorable Mention Ateg Galvanization Awards 2006

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Concha Fisac, Antonio Miranda, Borja Martín, Mónica Miranda, Cristina Hernández, Esteban Crespo, Jose María Huete, Syra Abella, Lucila Urda, Ana Pajares,  Laia Lafuente, Ana Espegel.

EXTERNAL ASSISTANTS: V y H arquitectos (Arq. Instalaciones), Luis Díaz Alabart (Ing. Estructuras)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ángel Baltanás, Mª Domínguez Lino

The building proposed for Embajadores 52 was born with the vocation to become part of the urban scene of Lavapiés, a historical quarter of Madrid, but always from the parameters of modernity, i.e. with active contemporary vocation, able to put the public space in time and the surrounding streets in its well-deserved date. A sober and simple construction but complex insists in not disappearing under the rapid market consumption. It´s volumetric adaptation to adjacent buildings matched perfectly with the urban scene without sacrificing the technological, functional and formal contemporarily. The building interprets the story without localisms because it has not resorted to a direct reading of the environment effects. The interpretation of the old quarter, the traditional courtyard and the withered traditional Spanish gallery, becomes the leitmotiv of the project not only in the formal but in the social, constructive and edifying features. The building takes advantage of the existing courtyard and the gallery expanding it and opening it to the outside through holes in double height. The loggia takes control and leadership.