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2015. fuencarral2puntocero

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Architects: Ana Amo, Ilaria Pittana. Architecture Students: Loreto Jímenez.



The regeneration of the settlement is oriented from three aspects required in daily life for the inhabitants:

1. Universal ACCESIBILITY at all levels of the district

2. REACTIVATION a place with great potential

3. ENERGY EFFICIENCY on obsolete buildings.


1. Universal ACCESIBILITY viewed from three different scales.

NEIGHBORHOOD. Four underground parking lots are introduced at the neighborhood level. This allows us to eliminate surface parking lots that have been invading the public space uncontrollably. Parking is the financing system of the entire market recovery program.

INTERBLOCK. The project try to provoque a better connection East West within the Quarter.

BLOCK. Two strategies: a) redesign a new entrance hall and a new single flight stairs; b) incorporate an elevator, with two locations: one in the façade when free space let us do it; the other, at the back façade of the block, which solves some particular cases on the perimeter of the Settlement.

2. REACTIVATION of places with enormous potential, currently in decline.

Main action of the Settlement Revival focuses on the recovery of the two core markets of the district and the adjoining public space that is enhanced as a unit with two poles of attraction. This new two-faced square of a larger scale let us to reactivate these buildings and their contiguous spaces, which are recovered for various uses, against the domination of the vehicle that had suffered so far. Each market will be provided with a characteristic use: M1, becomes a sports center; M2, a shopping area; and M3, a cultural hub. More scattered but very influential in the daily life of the neighborhood are the interventions suggested in the interblock spaces, reactivated by introducing new uses such as urban gardens, park with benches, playgrounds, sport fields and car parks.

3. ENERGY EFFICIENCYof some obsolete buildings.

As for the housing block, there are three mechanisms to improve the energy efficiency. The first is the addition of a gallery, as a greenhouse also slightly wider area of ??housing. The second mechanism passes through double facade in the rest of the walls of the block. The third system used is a double roof, which contains its corresponding insulation on the old covering and allows incorporating solar panels.