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2007. 24 housing in fuenlabrada. madrid


Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERSCristina Hernández, Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Lucila Urda, Isabel Camacho, Daniel Merro, Jerôme Gottardi, Mercedes Carretero, Federico Colella, Giorgio Streuli

EXTERNAL ASSITANTS: BOD (Structures), Nieves Plaza Serrano (Facilities), Pérez Escolar Ing. (Activity Project)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Miguel de Guzmán

In the new urban plan of Fuenlabrada, in the periphery of Madrid, we proposed housing heiress of the rural way of living, prior to urban, indebted to the peaceful relationship with the environment that has been lost in the city. In a gentle landscape, clear and green, housing is designed around a terrace (courtyard). This luminous outer space is placed in the main entrance of the building. The outer volume is intended to appear abstract and simple in order to emphasize the incoming empty large terraces. A pierced white piece floating on colored glass boxes belonging to the vegetable world of the gardens. Thus arises a tower of six heights that rises above a ground floor garden that is profiled on the suburban landscape

The tower expands in width and compacts the housing volume to generate a large inner courtyard that structures the building in its full height, giving daylight to the housing service spaces and also becoming the main access to them. There are located on the ground floor small boxes of glass containing the portals and community spaces so that air flows between them and circulations could be generated in all directions, even across the courtyard through the gangway. The courtyard also reaches the basement in order to guide the neighbor to his home, considering the garage as the principal entrance in this peripheral city. The landscaped courtyard provides natural light and ventilation to the garage as well as a friendly welcome to the user.