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2007. rehabilitation chamartín market. madrid


2008. Mention XXII Urbanism, Architecture and Civil Engineering Awards 2007

2009. Selected for the IV Architecture ENOR Awards

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Daniel Merro, Cristina Hernández, Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Lucila Urda, Isabel Camacho, Enrique Medina and Ramón Sánchez Hombre  (Technical Architect), Fricain (Facilities Engineer), Etesa - Gerardo Cantalejo (Structural Engineer), Angel Baltanás and José Ignacio Ferrando (Photographers).

This project is part of an overall modernization urban plan “Chamartín Market”, one of the most important fresh food markets of Madrid. In the same way when it comes to value an object you framed or wrapped it with cellophane in order to emphasize its high quality, we propose an external intervention on the building, as a wrapper that allows to dignify the image of the market. The project not only improves the image of the market by adding a new facade to the preexistence but extends to the cover and the immediate urban environment. The chosen solution consists in a second skin of translucent material separated from the current facade.

The roof is proposed as an area of high landscape quality. In order to achieve this solution, the existing machinery is removed from the front to the back, to organize a continuous perimeter space to enjoy the best orientation and location in relation to the city. In this perimetral space it will be located the future restoration areas (school gourmet, culinary advice, library and gourmet restaurant) and offices and meeting rooms. The facilities are grouped in the center of the roof closed with vertical slats of noise protection wall, covered with a texture suggesting a vegetable garden.