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2009. renovation and interior remodeling market san fernando. madrid

2004. FIRST PRIZE Restricted Competition

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Daniel Merro, Cristina Hernández, Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Lucila Urda, Isabel Camacho, Jérôme Gottardi, Juan Rey (Structural Engineer), Urculo (Facilities Engineer), Enrique Medina, Ramón Sánchez Hombre, Gilberto Ruíz (Model), Federico López (Photographer)

Area_8.055 m2  Budget_6.657.860 €

A complete renovation of the indoors of the market is proposed with the aim of transforming the traditional food market in a shopping centre with a more extensive range of products to offer.  Strategies for performing renewal are: - Reorganize the interior layout of stands with a new configuration in order to expand the entry and circulation areas by eliminating the narrow Interior streets which are less comfortable for shopping. - Modify the overall image of the market by adding more natural lighting in areas of public access, increasing diversity and visibility of the retail activity and creating a new central grouping of market stands with complementary social service activities to customers such as newsstands, flower stands, cash machines, etc. - Create a new circulatory structure with three main streets in East-West direction linking the three main entrances of the market, Embajadores street, Sombrerete street and Tribulete street. It will eliminate the less frequented areas providing an equal well positioned space to each of the market stands. - Redesign a new entrance from Tribulete street in a double height lobby with escalators. The position of the vertical circulation is modified to ensure adequate independence and security of the different areas of the building. - Incorporation of new technologies in the systems of conservation and cooling of fresh products, integrated air conditioning, security and fire protection. Refrigerated areas are grouped to improve energy efficiency. -Provide a new and more powerful image to the building by the use of new materials.