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2009. mostenses market + public space. madrid

Carmen Espegel Alonso, Concha Fisac de Ron

TEAM MEMBERS: Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Marcela Aragüez, José María Núñez, Alejandro Jiménez.

EXTERNAL ASSISTANTS: Emilio Miguel Mitre, bioclimatic specialist

Urban morphology is the result of the combination of two areas: the historic town of small scale with a very fragmented residential fabric, outdated and obsolete, and the new town from the early last century with larger and higher containers which also show today signs of deterioration. The preliminary design attempts to heal the fracture between the two city areas that remain unconnected. On one hand, offering with the market a well looking facade, with reduced height and fragmented elements which interact well with the residential urban scene. On the other, establishing a new dialogue by searching the skies of the city and looking above the roofs.

One of the purposes is to liberate public space in the street level and draw a clear space, accessible, clean and predictable from the outside that stimulates its occupation and use. Just in the beginning of the market a grand escalator appear in the square, showing an upward path as a promise of a new use. Thus, the new market develops vertically upwards from where it is projected to the city housed inside a piece of great volume and supermarket. The result is a novel, evocative and contemporary space where the market acts as a lobby of the medium surface. At the same time, other services reach an upper location: the pool rises over meager pillars covering a part of the square cleared but cover, Ágora for urban relations. All uses are related along a green space which unfolds upwards, a ramp that embraces all the parts and develops as a spiral that wraps the building and projected it into the city.