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2007. sport center vallehermoso. madrid


Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Cristina Hernández, Daniel Merro, Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Federico Colella, Marcia Costa

EXTERNAL ASSISTANTS: Arenas & Asociados, S.L. (Structural Engineer)

The project has a hybrid character between the natural and artificial landscape, between the park and sports facilities, between nature and artifice. The land does not remain as a surface on which a building stands to change the material which embeds the athletics track. Instead of placing the Sports Centre on the ground, it is proposed to leave it suspended, to allow the visual long horizons, expressing green surfaces, encounters between sky and ground.

In distributing the program of activities, it was decided to grant the greatest privilege to park. The water area is located on the ground floor, lighted by the ceiling with its services sector and unique locker rooms. The support sector is located on the same level containing the athletic activity, changing rooms, weightlifting and warming up track in direct contact with the competition area. In between the ground floor, the gap between the building and the land is space for moving, where there is the main entrance to the spectators through an urban plaza, social meeting place, with sights to the park below the sports center. On the upper floor, the Sports Center, a large transparent and flexible area is organized in parallel functional bands: circulations, locker rooms, sports and social sector areas with long views over the athletics track. Exclusive access for spectators, athletes and services, were projected taking into account accessibility strict conditions and evacuation.

The set is designed with the utmost respect for the urban environment, maximizing the benefit of choosing alternative energy and environmentally friendly materials. Finally, a condensate project which combines innovation, creativity and respect for the environment.