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2000. soluble products factory (prosol). venta de baños. palencia

Carmen Espegel

TEAM MEMBERS: Cristina Hernández, José Manuel Mateo, Mónica Miranda, Esteban Crespo

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Angel Baltanás, Eduardo Sánchez

The manufacturing process is divided into two distinct activities: the manufacture-packaging and storage. The volumetric scheme corresponds to the same duality, so the project has two different activity areas connected by a new volume between the other two, which houses the changing rooms, the laboratories and the connecting elements between these two areas.

The silhouette of the manufacturing area responds to the specific needs of the machinery. However, the packaging and store area is contained in a clean volume that acts as an advertising icon for the customer. This will open a big gap of 54 m long to allow visual connection with the outside. The access ramp crosses the factory throughout its length. The truss structure also allows skylights to illuminate with daylight the interior of the whole factory.

The duality between the two volumes mentioned is highlighted in the lining by the way of placing the sandwich panels (Perfrisa silver-metallic lacquered). In the manufacturing area the panels are placed vertically with a maximum length of 14 m, searching the embodiment of minimum horizontal joints and achieving greater simplicity of installation, considering the maximum height of the volume. However, in the packaging and storage area, with less height, the same panels are arranged horizontally.

All volumes attached to this factory that for some operative reason excel from the two main buildings are highlighted in red to emphasize its character as foreign as to be easily reached, mostly because they are loading docks. All the metallic elements such as stairs and emergency access or railings are also featured in the same red color in order to create a strong and unified brand image.