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2008. renewal de palencia

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac y Ana Espegel
TEAM MEMBERS: Laia Lafuente, Syra Abella, Federico Colella, Giorgio Streuli, Ana Torres and Brenda Torrellas.
Juan Rey - Mecanismo (Structures Engineer), Emilio Mitre (Sustainability Architect) 
The proposal seeks to combine the interests of the social conglomerate that is clustered around the city. Sustainability, both land use and energy consumption, as in the effective management of public space, requires greater versatility resulting in a fruitful and effective economic management. Arise an additional indoor and outdoor space, always open as a place of coexistence and respect, public space in the heart of the city. An alternative and challenging world that needs a complex architectural response. 
We therefore propose complementary buildings on a mesh geometry for adding more parts, depending on the demand. One are shown included in an inner defined by a light enclosure, more linked to larger scale applications; the others are kept apart, designed to more independent uses of large flows, but always wrap that protects Sheltering Sky. The diverse uses, cultural, recreational, recreational activities, sports, shopping guarantee a significant, permanent and continuous activity. The great cover protects the dynamism of the city while generating energy and optimizes maintenance. 
Exhibition "Style Exercises." May 2009. La Naval, Prensa de la República de Cartagena