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2012-2004. instant coffee capsules pavillion + office building in prosol factory. venta de baños. palencia

Carmen Espegel, Concha Fisac

TEAM MEMBERS: Ana Espegel, Miguel Coloma, Giovanni Stalloni, Daniel Merro, Laia Lafuente, Cristina Hernández, Isabel Camacho, Lucila Urda, Syra Abella

EXTERNAL ASSITANTS: Juan Carlos Salvá (Arq. Estructuras), Fricain S.L. (Instalaciones), Jesús Mur Cantalapiedra

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Baltanás

Inside the factory of soluble products PROSOL SA, that was built by our firm in 1999 in Venta de Baños, Palencia, we incorporate a new building to house the Principal offices.

Following the premises of the existing project that valued the main trading floor as a meeting point where converge all circulations of the factory, the building is designed in the southeast corner of the plot. In this way the offices building will be use as the image of the brand.

Instead of using the traditional partition walls it is proposed walls of light to separate the more private areas, while natural light reaches the lower plants in a building partially closed, turning this operation into the main idea of the project. Two small service bands alternately occupy the sides of the plants, releasing the rest of the office area to dispatch different privacy degrees surfaces and keeping the inner space with a strong longitudinal transparency idea.

The project aims to solve the relation with the preexisting factory introducing materials already used in the main production volume: basically steel and glass.