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2011. emvs. social housing, p.11.1.nuestra señora de los ángeles 10. madrid


furniture housing unit = services spaces

housing = services spaces + open interior spaces

building = accumulation of housing

The volume of Shake-it occurs after the accumulation of living cells. Its generation is simple, just mixing the types of one bedroom and two bedrooms stacking in floors. However, the whole is attractively unusual.

Shake-it slips housing units among them, as if each attempt to fit into its place, and at the same time each floor is moving in relation with the immediately higher, while constructive and structural logic is maintained at the time of producing such displacements. This enhances the customization of housing in the collective environment, identifying each one with a precise location of the assembly.

The elongated housing wins the double façade to have cross ventilation. The position of the furniture services unit also causes the free circulation of air inside.

While the openings of the facade that turns to the distribution gallery are controlled to preserve privacy leaving a backyard clothesline that distance the cell with respect to transit neighbors for the common area, exterior front opens completely with a custom carpentry for each type.

Ground floor approaches the slope of the plot to produce meeting and relationships spaces for neighbors, acting as a prelude to a set that, ultimately, is conceived as a community unit but defended as indispensable value the individuality of the living cell.